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DOC Spumante Brut Millesimato

DOC Spumante Brut Millesimato Sparkling wine created with the Charmat method’s natural fermentation, with single variety vinification: this Prosecco is 100% glera, grapes harvested from the […]
bruttissimo ca salina prosecco shoppe


Brutissimo This out of the ordinary rosé very dry sparkler is created by the Bortolin family with the rare Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25 red grapes; this vine […]

Go Brut

Go Brut A special selection of Brut Proseccos: we would like to seduce you with the various possibilities that the Brut offers: residual sugars in these […]


ABCDEFGILMPRSTVWA ALCOHOLIC STRENGHT Alcoholic Strenght is the measurement of the concentration of the ethyl alcohol in wine. The degree of alcohol is equivalent to its percentage […]
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