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57 Asolo Extra Dry

Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry

Bastìa Cartizze

Cartizze is the cru of Valdobbiadene, situated in the cradle of the DOCG Area

Manzoni Moscato Rosè

A very special wine, created from the famed and rare Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25

Primario Extra Dry

Questo Prosecco Superiore è creato esclusivamente con uve di collina vendemmiate a mano a Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene


We select and taste each wine you find in this shop, and we give you our personal opinion; we live in the heart of the "valley of wine and purpose", we personally go and meet each producer hidden in these ancient hills where these fantastic bottles of wine are produced.

Prosecco Shoppe

Prosecco Shoppe is indeed a Shoppe, that is a shop with old-fashioned charme and quaintness. We chose to open this online venue to defend wine lovers from supermarket-style wine distribution.

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